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The Master programs prepare the students to start qualified careers in industry or continue their education in a PhD program. The Master's thesis offers an opportunity to apply the attained knowledge and skills for solving a challenging problem in the student's preferred area of specialization.

The courses that must be taken to obtain the Master degree are defined individually for each student when she/he is admitted to the program. A minimum of 60 (1 year) and a maximum of 120 ECTS credits (2 years) are required for the Master degree to be awarded. The courses and number of credits will depend on the accredited background and on the subjects the student would choose for specialization. In all cases, 30 credits of the education will be devoted to complete a Master's thesis (1 semester).

Two different scenearios for the admission of students with different Bachelor-level studies are next described.

  • Students with a 4-year Bachelor's degree
  • If the student has a degree in Computer Science or equivalent, the Master will be awarded by obtaining 60 ECTS credits. If the student has a degree in a different discipline or some specific defficiencies in her/his Computer Science background, some extra courses in Computer Science may be requested to obtain the degree.

  • Students with accredited Bachelor-level studies
  • This scenario covers different cases in which the students have taken undergraduate courses during 3 or 4 years of Bachelor-level studies without having a degree.

    Those with only 3 years of Bachelor studies (or an 180-ECTS certificate) will be required to complete 120 ECTS credits. Those with 4 years of studies (or an 240-ECTS certificate) will be required to complete between 60 and 120 ECTS credits depending on their accredited background. The students entering a Master program without a Bachelor's degree are eligible for a dual-degree if there is an agreement under the conditions described below.

Dual-degree programs

Undergraduate students that apply for one of the Master programs are eligible for a dual-degree program, leading to two degrees:Bachelor and Master. For that, an agreement between the student's undergraduate school and the Master program is required. This agreement should allow students without a Bachelor's degree to continue their education in a Master program under a mobility program and academic recognition of studies. 


Applicants eligible for one of the Master programs must fulfil certain prerequisites. Students are required to have a solid background in Computer Science. Those with a background in Mathematics or other Science or Engineering disciplines are also eligible if they have a basic knowledge in Computer Science. Students are expected to be prepared to take graduate-level courses, partially or totally taught in English.

Minimum pre-requisites

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited University or an 180-ECTS certificate from Bachelor-level studies obtained in the European Higher Education Area.
  • Competitive academic record.
  • English proficiency for reading and attending classes.

Are you familiar with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)?. See here for more information (English or Spanish).

Course 2006-2007

  • Students from the FIB (Facultat d'Informàtica de Barcelona)
  • There will be specific admission criteria for the undergraduate students enrolled in some of the UPC shools.

    Students having completed 4 years of undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering (Enginyeria en Informàtica) are eligible to be admitted to a Master programme and obtain a dual degree after completing the master studies:Enginyer en Informàtica and Master degree. The conditions for admission are similar to those for students with an accredited 240-ECTS certificate. Those students having completed all the mandatory courses of the undergraduate studies will only be requested to obtain 60 ECTS credits (1 year).

    Students having completed only 3 years of undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering (Enginyeria en Informātica) are also eligible to be admitted to the Master program. The dual degree will be obtained upon the completion of 120 ECTS credits, combining mandatory and optional courses from the Computer Engineering degree and the specialized courses of the Master program.

  • Students from other schools
  • They are eligible for a one- or two-year program (from 60 to 120 ECTS credits) leading to the Master degree. The students are required to have a 180-ECTS degree or certificate with basic background in Computer Science. Students taking this option are not eligible for a Bachelor's degree unless the undergraduate school establishes an agreement with the Master program for recognition of studies.

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